Men and women both face a common problem of uneven body contouring around the abdominal area. This occurs mostly from the accumulation of fat cells in the abdomen area, which results in a bulging belly, and saggy skin in the same area. Many factors can be put to blame for the occurrence of this condition, including imbalanced diet, abnormal lifestyle, and many more.

Liposuccion and Abdominoplastie are two of the most popular surgical methods used to remove that excess fat and change the appearance of that same saggy and bulging stomach. The question that troubles most people is what procedure among these two is better to choose. A decision can easily be made after knowing the correct details about the two procedures.

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Amount of loose skin:

When it comes to Liposuccion and Abdominoplastie, both of the procedures mainly depend upon the amount of loose skin one has. If the amount of this loose skin is noticeable, then the procedure of Abdominoplastie is taken into consideration. In addition, it is also important to understand that the procedure of Liposuccion does nothing when it comes to skin tightening as it only works in the direction of fat loss. Hence, by consulting a cosmetic surgeon, anyone can get to know about the procedure, and figure out which one would suit them well.

Possible side effects:

Both of the surgical methods have their own complications and side effects and when compared, it has been found that the procedure of Abdominoplastie has much more possibility of side effects than Liposuccion. This is because the process of Liposuccion is a simple procedure in which, with the help of a thin and hollow tube, excess fat is sucked out. Hence, this leaves zero possibility of any sort of scarring, is followed by mild pain, and swelling, from which anyone can recover shortly.

While in the case of Abdominoplastie, instead of a thin pipe, a huge incision is made above the pubic region, making the entire abdominal wall visible in order to suture up the whole abdominal muscle arrangement into tighter arrangement then followed by the pulling down of the skin until it gets tighter, and any extra skin is trimmed off. Later, the incision is stitched up. This procedure has many complications and a lot can go wrong if the surgeon does not carefully carry out the process.


This is a major decision-making factor. The appearance of scars from the two surgical methods will help an individual determine his/her choice of surgery. In case of Liposuccion, after the surgery is done, reddish scars may appear, which further fade quickly. While when it comes to Abdominoplastie, the scar is rather big and especially noticeable as well as reddish after the surgery is done. However, if one takes care of the scar properly, it gradually fades, though it can be time-consuming.

Similarly, there are many other factors, which can help one choose the best among these great surgical methods. However, one must remember that even though both the methods— Liposuccion and Abdominoplastie are great, the success of both of them depends upon the professionalism and the experience a doctor holds, so that a perfect method can be chosen for each client.

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