Information about Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplant is a special type of transplantation procedure for patients who are suffering from certain type of diseases or cancer. It also goes by the name of stem cell transplant which does take care of cells that is found in the bone marrow. What happens is that the cells are being filtered and then handed over to the patient or it could be the donor as well. The main purpose of this procedure would be to transfer the healthy bone marrow cells in the patient where the unhealthy bone marrow would go on to destroy the abnormal cells. Some of the diseases that could be cured with a healthy bone marrow transplant are as follows

  • Solid tumours
  • Lymphos
  • Leukaemia

Procedure of a bone marrow transplant

A bone marrow transplant procedure would mean the ability of patients so that certain medications are being tolerated. The basics of the procedure are

  • As a token of preparation for this surgery it would boil down to high dose of radiation or chemotherapy. In order to cater to a specific disease this is needed and also to create space in the bone marrow so that the new cells could develop. This therapy also goes by the name of ablative, because of the effect it produces on the bone marrow. It has to be stated that the majority of blood cells in the body is produced by the bone marrow. The marrow is going to become empty when the ablative stops cell production. For the new cells to develop it does require a bone marrow

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  • The transplantation procedure is being performed from the venous catheter that emerges from the blood stream. This is after a dose of chemotherapy or radiation has been provided. It has to be noted that this does not work out to be a surgical procedure in any way. The stem cells start making their way to the healthy blood cells by making an entry into the bone marrow
  • It is of fundamental importance that a supportive care is being established in relation to after surgery effects. This would mean a clean environment and daily blood and weight check ins.

Who are the likely candidates for a bone marrow transplant?

The bone marrow transplant could arise due to varied reasons. The likely candidates for this form of surgery are

  • Patients who are prone to genetic disease that may go on to have an impact on the various organs of the body
  • In case of patients whose bone marrow has been extensively damaged by chemotherapy or radiation that is for treating cancer
  • In case of patients whose bone marrow cells are defective or abnormal
  • Patients who consider themselves to be in good health in spite of the above conditions.

The best bone marrow transplant treatment India ensures that you do gain access to the top hospitals in the country. What it does mean is that the hospitals have zero waiting lists as you get admitted on one day and the surgery is performed in the next few days.


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