5 Famous Dishes from South India

The south Indian cuisine is so much different from the rest of the country. Our country is famous for different types of cuisines and you would barely know any such country which serves so many types of cuisines. When you travel from north to south or go east to west, I am sure you will find the difference in the food. And people who are in love with trying out different types of cuisines must have tasted the south Indian cuisine too.

In today’s article, I will be talking about the most famous South Indian dishes that are now a part and parcel of our daily lives too. I must tell you all, South Indian cuisine sums up to one of my favourite Sunday breakfasts too.

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So here goes the list:

  1. Dosa– Dosa is love for me and in the past few years, people have come up with so many types of different dosa. There is butter dosa, there is cheese masala dosa and there is Mysore dosa and the list can go on and on. Dosa can be a very nice breakfast or even an evening snack. You could probably try it at home if you are quite the chef; otherwise it would be quite difficult to prepare this recipe at home as well.
  2. Sambhar– Sambhar is kind of a dal which is served with vada, dosa and idlis. People who love having Sāmbhar also like eating plain steamed rice with and with other side dishes to it. Preparing sambhar is much easier than any other south Indian. I have tried it out and the result was too good. So if you are in the mood of experimenting and trying out something new then you must try it out. The sambhar recipe in hindi is available in the internet and the instructions are very simple. You should definitely try it out this weekend and bring in some south Indian touch to your table.
  3. Curd rice– Curd rice is something which everyone is well aware of. If you ever visit the southern India then make sure you try it out. The dish is very simple and is very cool. It is preferred in the summer season so that it keeps your stomach cool. You can have rasam or pickle with it and you will still love the preparation. This is another one such dish that is very easy to prepare and you could easily make it.
  4. Buttermilk– This dish might be a little misleading for some of you because it neither uses butter nor uses milk in its preparation. It is made of curd and coriander and ginger is added to it which brings out the best flavour. It cools the stomach and is widely consumed in the summer season.
  5. Bisi belle bath– the south Indian cuisine has quite a few rice items. Curd rice, lemon rice, vangi bath are just a few. One amongst them is bisi belle bath. These days, bisi belle bath mixes are easily available in the market so you can easily prepare this at home too.


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