Thinking of adding colors to your tresses? How about trying out something out-of-the-box and the latest trend that is currently becoming an obsession in the present? Well, the red and purple hair color it is then. Flaunt it in an array of hair styles as you rock the trendy look in an enigmatic manner.

It is the times when hair colors are being mixed to try out new shades to add spark and shine to the otherwise monotonous fashion statement. Choose to go in for a Natural Hair Color for it provides for a damage free hair coloring experience and works as a brilliant alternative to the chemical hair dyes and comes with a host of benefits attached under its name. The chemical hair dyes consists of Ppd, Ammonia, heavy metals, synthetic colours, fertilizers and pesticides to get the chemical concentration that helps to colour the hair shafts. Natural Hair Color happens to be 100% Organic in nature, as it essentially consists of herbs, plant extracts and other organic substances unlike the synthetic chemical hair dyes. So take your pick with a completely natural hair dye in the endeavour to get the red and purple hair.

Here we get you enlisted the 10 looks that prove that red and purple hair is a hit:

  • Red And Purple Highlights: Can you imagine how fashionable will the look be with red and purple highlights of mixed essence? Well, this is a simple manner to add colors to the tresses that speak for the ultimate sophistication. This effect is also easy to get in terms of hair coloring techniques to be precise.
  • Glossy Fringe: You can opt for this high fashion impact effect to your red and purple hairs as you try out the glossy fringe which can add a glamorous glittery twist to your everyday fashion.
  • Purple Tinted Tresses: This effect is best brought out when light falls upon it. Choose to colour the hairs with this enigmatic red shade with that of the purple tint on a lighter note.
  • Deep Purple Hairs: Purple is the new black in the contemporary times. With this favourite hue of the fashionistas making for an attractive hair colour tint that calls for the cross between red and violet. This exclusive style oozes sophistication, grace and that of a trendy charm.
  • In Between Tints Of Purple: You need to get yourself a reddish brown base to your hairs and then add a few tints of purple in between. Try to achieve this effect with Natural Hair Color for long lasting effects and added benefits in terms of hair care.
  • Burgundy Hairs: There is something about the burgundy hair shade that seems to never go out of style. This shade is the perfect mix of red and purple and adds an altogether classy touch of style and fashion essence to your everyday look in the most graceful and sophisticated manner.
  • Subtle Textured Waves: The free flowing wavy tresses have a captivating beauty about it. The soft wavy textured hairs can speak for the carefree spirit and can makes for a super stylish hair style. How about adding the red and purple waves with Natural Hair Color? The soft waves help create flow within your look that adds a touch of added beauty to the tresses.
  • Red And Purple Curls: Yes, the red and purple curls can make for a super stylish hair style to flaunt in all glory. Add colors to those lovely curls in your hairs with the exclusive red and purple shade.
  • Tousled Hairs: Get your look a makeover with the red and purple tints in your hairs and style it in an array of options. Try the tousled hair style that works wonders in terms of styling the colored hairs to put it precisely.
  • Red And Purple Looks: Try something out-of-the-box as you opt for the reverse style with the red and purple roots while adding a funky sense of trendy style to your everyday look to put it precisely.

Take your pick with the Natural Hair Color and add colors to the hairs with the red and purple tints that make for a hit in the present times of high fashion consciousness.


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